The Only Place Where You Can Find Special & Unique Artistic Design Of Henna.


We know how much it means for you to look good and we also know how much it means for you to make other people look good. That is the reason why Mobina has come up with the classes to train you on the wonderful art of Henna.

From ancient times the queens have enrobed the wonderful art of applying henna to their hand. This is your golden opportunity to learn the art which was linked with something royal in the ancient India.

There is nothing hard to learn in the art to make something beautiful especially if it is your hand.

It is said that there is no age to learn, why not start now? Also you can make a career out of this where all you have to do is let the inner-creative out so that he/she can do wonders in the palm by making it look beautiful. This year if you want to learn something new then Henna, is something where you should invest your time where a mentor like Mobina can help you to create wonders. It’s not only the experience that she has but also the skill to teach and train.