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Bridal henna artist of the year 2015

She achieved an award for best bridal henna artist in 2015. It was the biggest event for bridal henna artist competition in NewJersey, in the competition there were many artists but she was the best among all the participants and got most respectable award through one of the best leading Bollywood actor "Abhay Deol". Her art was master piece and her design was on the front page. Show was live telecast by Tv Asia.

ELLE magazine November 2013

Kanika Chadda "a news anchor" and Sunil Gupta got married in 2013 and there whole wedding story was printed in "ELLE magazine". Kanika got decor by Mobina's bridal Mehndi/Henna.

M tv show "guy court " 2012

In 2012 she was called to participate in one of the best comedy show on MTV channel "guy court" as henna artist. She got opportunities due to her all 5/5 reviews on social media. Her art was telecast on MTV show throughout USA in 2012 episodes 104.